The visual experience of this simple museum display of pre-Columbian objects is greatly enhanced by the thoughtful design of the case and the careful fabrication of the mounts.

Robert Fuglestad has been at the forefront of object-mount fabrication worldwide for over thirty years. During this time, his work with museum exhibit designers and conservators has established a new aesthetic for viewing the decorative arts, one that is now often imitated within the museum world. The armatures or mountings he creates allow the eye to focus on what is of paramount importance—the object displayed. By design the mount becomes an insignificant part of the setting.

Robert Fuglestad works directly with the object in hand to assure a secure and safe fit of the object to the mount, and a design optimal for its particular setting. Whether public or private, the size of the installation is unimportant. Whether working by himself or directing a team of specialists, either for the display of a single object or for the mounting of a large exhibition, ROBERT FUGLESTAD DESIGN is committed to the accommodation of every client.